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Creative ArtReach offers opportunities for schools and community partners to create programs for students/teachers in four ways:


After School Programs

Creative ArtReach After School incorporates high quality enrichment and academic tutoring into our after school programs. Our programs give students an opportunity to try things and gain new interests. We serve as a local community resource partnering with school districts to provide a safe and fun learning environment creating opportunities to spark creativity in our students and help them thrive. Our programs include enrichment in the visual and performing arts, STEAM, robotics, athletics and more.

After School Arts Enrichment Programs

We offer a variety of short term, session or workshop based after school enrichment programs. Our programs give students an opportunity to try new things and gain new interests. We offer classes in visual arts, media, music, theatre, dance, robotics, STEAM, athletics and more.  We partner with local businesses and community groups to create memorable 

experiences for our students.

In School Artist in Residencies

The wealth of knowledge and experience that teaching artists bring to the classroom is unparalleled. Artists excite and engage students with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen professions. They provide in depth knowledge that is generally inaccessible to the average general education teachers.  In School Residencies provide an invaluable experience to students and provide hands-on support that students can only receive through a teacher-artist classroom partnership. We coordinate bringing artists to schools and create curriculum integrated arts programs.

Arts in Education Partnerships

Arts organizations are being called upon to help boost student engagement supporting the wellbeing of students, teachers and families who have been dealing with significant challenges. Our Arts in Education program provides teachers, principals and admin with coaching and training to help them build and implement a school-wide vision for the arts. This includes support and training to help teachers integrate the arts into core academic subjects, as well as arts resources, funding, and project planning support.  It is important for districts to partner with community-based arts organizations to help engage the broader school community. As part of our work with school districts we encourage a commitment to meeting state and national standards. Our goal is that every student receives arts instruction weekly in music, theater, art and dance.

We bring creativity to the forefront of our program removing barriers, expanding horizons and access, and raising achievement.


Our key principles focus on three main priorities:

  • Supporting school and community partners to provide high quality programs incorporating visual and performing arts, STEAM and other varieties of enrichment.

  • Creating opportunities and access for children through wider opportunities during and after school.

  • Supporting parents with a focus on child and family wellbeing and achievement. Working as a community to help grow our future.





to get started.


Our Partners

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